Happiness depends upon ourselves!




So much has happened in one year, i passed a major exam, got a really good internship in a fancy shmancy organisation, a few months later, i quit my job, it wasn’t what i wanted, i started studying again, didn’t get the marks i required, still at it! waiting for my results now, trying to get an internship not as fancy as the last, but a good enough one, until which time i am lazying out at home, on the internet, and with my bratpack! ( crazy amazing dogs!) 

Sometimes, especially at night, i wonder if i made the right decision, turning away from the internship so many others would kill to have, but then i realize that i am happy i got a taste of what life there feels like, the insane 14 hour workdays, the carry home work, the lack of public holidays and weekends, but at the same time, the brand name and the crazy fancy environment.

All that meant less, when i realize i wasn’t happy, i couldn’t sleep well at night, i barely smiled, i earned well but didn’t find the time to spend it, the only person who matters to me wasn’t happy, and i wasn’t able to give the person the time of day or even a decent conversation.

My parents pushed me to give it up, study further and take up a new job one that isn’t as insane as the last, but has an equal dose of exposure. Wish me luck, i’m still looking for that!

On the personal front, i am as happy as i can possibly be, in the past year i rescued 8 puppies, one adult dog and one kitten, fostered them and found them amazing homes. They are all happy and have such amazing personalities ❤

I’ve started reading again, not that i ever stopped, but for a year i barely read, now i’m back, filling the shelves, breaking my bank ordering books online.  Feels great.

I put on a ton of weight in the past year, something i’m struggling with. Everyone notices and comments, it feels like crap and i’m trying to do something about it, in a healthy way!

I’m beginning to think more, love more, be more positive, open minded, and aim to get a few inches closer to self actualization. Whenever that happens i’ll let you know 🙂

There are SO many tags on things you got to do in your 20s, and so many of them talk about getting stuff done without which you are a complete and utter failure.

I disagree, to each his own, but that doesn’t mean you should lack ambition, let the ambition burn in your mind and heart, just don’t let it be the only thing that defines you. 

Some say this will be the best years of your life, so be it! let the good times roll. Be happy, strong willed, crazy, part child, part adult, part whoever you are 🙂

Oh, and BE PROUD!



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