i wish i could tell you….

Passing a group of school kids, huddled around instagramming their feet and other body parts, the tall girl has blond streaks, the short girl has a shorter skirt, the never-read-abook-in-her-life girl has nerdy glasses.. keysarasara..

I wonder what they are talking about, in their strange accent ( a mix of american, brit and some hindi slang) i really really wonder how they come up with that unique way of speech, is it the t.v., the elite school or social networking that gets them “so cool” ? I wonder if i could talk to them..tell them..

I wish i could tell them , that these friends will come and go, just like the trends, the streaks, the skirts, the accents, it will all come and go, but you will stay, you will always be you, this is the amazing age, you can do so much, if i were your age, i would go back , change my performance in science and become a vet, but i can’t, i didn’t do well in science, and i ended up taking commerce. I don’t regret it, but i always think i’d be a great vet.

I wish i could tell you to pick up a few extra-curriculars, something that doesn’t involve Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, those are not real extra curriculars. I wish i could tell you how important that is to getting accepted into a good college, I wish I could tell you to spend some time at home, just maybe watching TV and talking to your family, because god knows what happens later, not to sound morbid , but you might live miles from home and trust me you’ll be missing family and home more than your friend’s feet or streaks!

I wish I could tell you to pay attention in class and pass notes later, because you might miss something very important that crops up for 20 marks in the board exams.

I really really wish someone told me that homework helps you study less and score more, teachers are not always pigs, parents actually care about your more than your friends, your friends will change, career is very important, you can work hard and have fun, it is possible, you should have fun, alcohol can wait, less is NOT more, being a good person actually pays off, pray, god is listening, have fun, but don’t regret it.

Everything that surrounds you right now in your life is what you have attracted, the good the bad the ugly, so attract the right stuff, shine high ā¤


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2 Responses to i wish i could tell you….

  1. You sound mature and well rounded. šŸ™‚

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