What i’d like to achieve in 365 days

365 brand new days….. its what you make of it baby! and here is my list

1. LOVE my babies (dogs) more and more and more, walk, play cuddle and spoil them as much as i can and MORE!

2. Work, hard, achieve, create…LEARN

3. Quit my job at the end of 365… 

4. Write, write so much that most of it is trash but a little portion is winning material.

5. Actively blog

6. Rescue and re-home animals

7. Reduce the plastic bags i accept at stores, carry my own, re-use.

8. grow my hair longer

9. Go on a lovely vacation with my favourite ❤

10. Read TONS of novels

11. Walk for an hour a day

12. HAVE FUN!!!!!


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