Note to self and others

I have never been one of those people who worry about what i’m doing, what i will do, where i will work, how much i can earn, balh.

Blame it on my spoilt nature or perhaps my indifferent attitude, but i personally think i’m a happy person whose main goal is to be 100% happy. 

When you are happy, you become successful.

Take my job for example, i hated my previous job, i quit , sat around pointlessly, did some stuff i really liked, figured out what i want to do in this life, made a plan, got another job, it has nothing to do with my plan but it will help me get there anyway!

Success isn’t about how many hours you put or how less you sleep, its actually about how much you love doing what you do, picturing success , attracting positivity and feeling all round happy.

When i look around me, i see people worry themselves to bits, stress out, sleep less, cry, scream, smoke etc..but why? Why not just take a deep breath, smile, and be glad that you are alive, safe and be happy.

Be grateful, love, care, hug… it’ll do wonders.

And if you have been adopted by the world’s most amazing dogs..then thats a just a bonus 🙂

Now go eat some cake, bake some goodies, hug your babies, watch a movie .. EAT 🙂

Take care, season’s greetings




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