All i ever want to do…

ALL i ever want to do is…

Be married to the love of my life, bake goodies for my 4 legged brats, adopt, rescue foster a few more, run a small private shelter (rather a home) for my rescues, have successful adoptions, write happy tales, blog blog blog, get noticed for blogging/writing.. write at free will ( like Carrie Bradshaw maybe?) get paid for the same, feel happy, feel free..

But here i am on a crappy monday, working my ass off at office, dodging shady outstation assignments and basically surviving..


I hope your monday was more productive?



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Note to self and others

I have never been one of those people who worry about what i’m doing, what i will do, where i will work, how much i can earn, balh.

Blame it on my spoilt nature or perhaps my indifferent attitude, but i personally think i’m a happy person whose main goal is to be 100% happy. 

When you are happy, you become successful.

Take my job for example, i hated my previous job, i quit , sat around pointlessly, did some stuff i really liked, figured out what i want to do in this life, made a plan, got another job, it has nothing to do with my plan but it will help me get there anyway!

Success isn’t about how many hours you put or how less you sleep, its actually about how much you love doing what you do, picturing success , attracting positivity and feeling all round happy.

When i look around me, i see people worry themselves to bits, stress out, sleep less, cry, scream, smoke etc..but why? Why not just take a deep breath, smile, and be glad that you are alive, safe and be happy.

Be grateful, love, care, hug… it’ll do wonders.

And if you have been adopted by the world’s most amazing dogs..then thats a just a bonus 🙂

Now go eat some cake, bake some goodies, hug your babies, watch a movie .. EAT 🙂

Take care, season’s greetings




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What i’d like to achieve in 365 days

365 brand new days….. its what you make of it baby! and here is my list

1. LOVE my babies (dogs) more and more and more, walk, play cuddle and spoil them as much as i can and MORE!

2. Work, hard, achieve, create…LEARN

3. Quit my job at the end of 365… 

4. Write, write so much that most of it is trash but a little portion is winning material.

5. Actively blog

6. Rescue and re-home animals

7. Reduce the plastic bags i accept at stores, carry my own, re-use.

8. grow my hair longer

9. Go on a lovely vacation with my favourite ❤

10. Read TONS of novels

11. Walk for an hour a day

12. HAVE FUN!!!!!


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i wish i could tell you….

Passing a group of school kids, huddled around instagramming their feet and other body parts, the tall girl has blond streaks, the short girl has a shorter skirt, the never-read-abook-in-her-life girl has nerdy glasses.. keysarasara..

I wonder what they are talking about, in their strange accent ( a mix of american, brit and some hindi slang) i really really wonder how they come up with that unique way of speech, is it the t.v., the elite school or social networking that gets them “so cool” ? I wonder if i could talk to them..tell them..

I wish i could tell them , that these friends will come and go, just like the trends, the streaks, the skirts, the accents, it will all come and go, but you will stay, you will always be you, this is the amazing age, you can do so much, if i were your age, i would go back , change my performance in science and become a vet, but i can’t, i didn’t do well in science, and i ended up taking commerce. I don’t regret it, but i always think i’d be a great vet.

I wish i could tell you to pick up a few extra-curriculars, something that doesn’t involve Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, those are not real extra curriculars. I wish i could tell you how important that is to getting accepted into a good college, I wish I could tell you to spend some time at home, just maybe watching TV and talking to your family, because god knows what happens later, not to sound morbid , but you might live miles from home and trust me you’ll be missing family and home more than your friend’s feet or streaks!

I wish I could tell you to pay attention in class and pass notes later, because you might miss something very important that crops up for 20 marks in the board exams.

I really really wish someone told me that homework helps you study less and score more, teachers are not always pigs, parents actually care about your more than your friends, your friends will change, career is very important, you can work hard and have fun, it is possible, you should have fun, alcohol can wait, less is NOT more, being a good person actually pays off, pray, god is listening, have fun, but don’t regret it.

Everything that surrounds you right now in your life is what you have attracted, the good the bad the ugly, so attract the right stuff, shine high ❤


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Happiness depends upon ourselves!




So much has happened in one year, i passed a major exam, got a really good internship in a fancy shmancy organisation, a few months later, i quit my job, it wasn’t what i wanted, i started studying again, didn’t get the marks i required, still at it! waiting for my results now, trying to get an internship not as fancy as the last, but a good enough one, until which time i am lazying out at home, on the internet, and with my bratpack! ( crazy amazing dogs!) 

Sometimes, especially at night, i wonder if i made the right decision, turning away from the internship so many others would kill to have, but then i realize that i am happy i got a taste of what life there feels like, the insane 14 hour workdays, the carry home work, the lack of public holidays and weekends, but at the same time, the brand name and the crazy fancy environment.

All that meant less, when i realize i wasn’t happy, i couldn’t sleep well at night, i barely smiled, i earned well but didn’t find the time to spend it, the only person who matters to me wasn’t happy, and i wasn’t able to give the person the time of day or even a decent conversation.

My parents pushed me to give it up, study further and take up a new job one that isn’t as insane as the last, but has an equal dose of exposure. Wish me luck, i’m still looking for that!

On the personal front, i am as happy as i can possibly be, in the past year i rescued 8 puppies, one adult dog and one kitten, fostered them and found them amazing homes. They are all happy and have such amazing personalities ❤

I’ve started reading again, not that i ever stopped, but for a year i barely read, now i’m back, filling the shelves, breaking my bank ordering books online.  Feels great.

I put on a ton of weight in the past year, something i’m struggling with. Everyone notices and comments, it feels like crap and i’m trying to do something about it, in a healthy way!

I’m beginning to think more, love more, be more positive, open minded, and aim to get a few inches closer to self actualization. Whenever that happens i’ll let you know 🙂

There are SO many tags on things you got to do in your 20s, and so many of them talk about getting stuff done without which you are a complete and utter failure.

I disagree, to each his own, but that doesn’t mean you should lack ambition, let the ambition burn in your mind and heart, just don’t let it be the only thing that defines you. 

Some say this will be the best years of your life, so be it! let the good times roll. Be happy, strong willed, crazy, part child, part adult, part whoever you are 🙂

Oh, and BE PROUD!



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Book review – I am Malala




Just got done reading this great book! Malala Yousafzai is no stranger to us now, everyone who is anyone knows she was a girl living in Swat valley, Pakistan. She was attacked by the taliban, survived and now lives in Birmingham, England and is an ambassador for the education of girls and children in general.

Her book is so much more than what we have read in the news or seen in interviews.  It gives us insight in a very detailed manner into life in Pakistan under the taliban rule, while most of us know about the guns and bombs and all the mayhem they have caused, very few of us actually know what the people there went through, their attitude towards the taliban , their view of the US and what they feel about the political state of their country.

The book explores the background of her parents, her extended family, the traditions they follow, her father’s liberal attitude that is so heartwarming, he pushes for her to equip herself, attend the school they run, excel in classes, even when times are bad, she never stopped studying. Its truly wonderful!

Sadness hits you when you realize there are SO many more Malala’s out there, who don’t have the parental support, or possibly the chance to study and become smarter people, they live in the shadows of their families, husband, kids, and in some way lose their identity.

But what i take home from this book, is that education is SO important, especially for the girl child, because as she grows up she is considered the weaker sex and is subjected to so much of injustice, most of which women bear as they have no other go.

An example is one closer to home, we’ve had a house help for years whose kids we used to help study for exams, one of the daughters wasn’t particularly interested in her studies and more over her parents weren’t interested in her continuing past the 10th year of school.

She was married off against her will to someone they knew, only to return home a year later, thinner, abused,physically and mentally and only to be sent back within a few days.

I was shocked that her mother sent her back, i was shocked that my mother wasn’t surprised or upset that she sent her daughter back to an abusive household, perhaps it was because she has no other choice, no job to fall back on, and society’s nasty frown constantly following her, that she went right back.

It scares me, a lot

Having said that, being educated does not mean you are safe from injustice and crimes but it means you get a fighting chance to protect and empower yourself.  I know of doctors and x and ys who have spent years studying and have “to kill for” jobs, who are victims of abuse and crimes.

Stil, education is the way to go!

So, on that note, go read the book I AM MALALA by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb.  I ordered my copy from Amazon, and it came home in 48 hours, well packaged and with a massive discount! What are you waiting for ?


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